Kitchen wall decor – 20 Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

When it comes to picking artwork for the home, most people focus on their main gathering spaces first. But once the living room, family room, and even the hallway are filled with beautiful pieces galore, you’re not off the hook quite yet. After all, don’t forget that artwork can truly shine in any room of the house! And this means that it’s critical that you don’t forget to display it in the kitchen, too.

While the kitchen is a largely functional space. it’s also a highly trafficked one and is a place where friends and family frequently gather, meaning that it deserves a little bit of love. If you’re going to spend mornings and evenings prepping dishes for the family and loading and unloading the dishwasher, you deserve to do so in a space that’s aesthetically pleasing to you. Due to tiled backsplashes and large appliances, you may not necessarily have a ton of usable wall space available for framed pieces, but that’s ok. A little art goes a long way, after all.

Note that artwork that hangs in the kitchen doesn’t have to be food or drink related by any means. Sure, you can feel free to go that route if you’re so inclined, but generally, the art pieces that you may be eyeing for other spots in the house will likely look just as great in your cooking space. Love vibrant colors? Great! Have a penchant for portraits? Bring it on. Below, we’ve rounded up 44 kitchens featuring fun art choices that will help you get inspired as you tackle your own space.

  • 01, Grab Those Plates
  • china plates on wall 
  • Plates are perfect to hang in the kitchen—decorative ones, that is! You don’t want any old piece of dinnerware to be displayed on the wall, but if you’re a collector or even recently inherited a beautiful set of china from a relative, consider featuring it prominently in your dining space as art.
  • 02, Go Splitsies
  • nautical split canvas 
  • Make a visually engaging statement by displaying two split canvases that form a complete picture. This nautical image blends with the soothing off white walls perfectly. A triptych would also look lovely on a wall like this one.
  • 03, Display a Set of Prints
  • matted prints 
  • Maybe you’re struggling with how to best fill a large, open wall space. If you happen to own a collection of prints that need to be displayed as a group, this is an excellent spot for them. Stick with coordinating frames and mats for a cohesive look.
    TipIf you’re looking to save some cash, you don’t need to shell out the big bucks for one of a kind prints—framed pages from an old book or digital downloads can also look fantastic when placed in matching frames.
  • 04, Mount a Mirror
  • mirror on wall 
  • Whether hung horizontally or vertically, a mirror will invite more sunlight into your kitchen and help the space appear larger. Go modern or vintage, just make the style you choose complements your overall kitchen design.
  • 05, Focus on the Fam
  • family photos  
  • The kitchen is likely where your family spends the most time all together—so why not honor your loved ones in the form of a little gallery wall that features some of your precious moments together? Focus on your immediate crew or honor relatives living far away—you can feel like you’re all gathered around the dinner table together!
  • 06, Pick a Theme
  • landscape art  
  • If you’re unsure about the type of artwork you’d like to showcase in your kitchen, see if a common theme stands out among your pieces. Maybe you own a lot of artwork that features natural elements, or maybe you have a thing for vintage portraits. Here, landscape art adds lots of calm and color to this kitchen.
  • 07, Gather Togethercutting board wall 
  • Cluster cutting boards together on the wall, using nails to hang them. These pieces won’t take up precious storage space, and they look pretty cool all grouped together! We give this an A-plus for being pretty and practical.
  • 08, Take a Tripnyc artwork 
  • Celebrate your love for travel without leaving your own home. Pick a print that represents a favorite destination and allow it to do the talking, like this oversized piece of Empire State Building artwork does here.
  • 09, Or Reflect on a Journeytravel photo 
  • Alternatively, honor a favorite memory from a past trip by printing out a photograph you took while traveling and giving it a special place to shine in your kitchen. Utilizing your own is a wonderful way to tackle a blank wall and save money in the process.
  • 10, Go Boldcanvas art 
  • Craving some more color in the kitchen? A bold canvas is the way to go. Purchase one from an artist you love, or if you’re feeling crafty, you can even grab some paint and go the DIY route.
  • 11, Spell It Outhanging sign in hallway 
  • Hang a sign on the wall that adds a bit of whimsy to your kitchen. Food related phrases like “eat” or “coffee” can be a bit overdone, but we love this vintage looking hotel sign hanging in the kitchen hallway.
  • 12, Try a Comboplates and framed art 
  • We’ve already highlighted framed photos and plates as separate decor options above, but there’s no reason that you can’t opt for some of each! This fun half circle plate display adds lots of dimension.
  • 13, Pick Something Yummyfood art in kitchen 
  • Make your love of certain foods known by choosing artwork that features drool-worthy meals. This combination has an ideal mix of sweet and savory choices, if you ask us!
  • 14, Think Petiteart above oven
  • A petite art piece can look stunning above the oven, as we see in this space. We’re all about unexpected design elements, and this definitely fits the bill. Just be sure it’s not an original work that could be harmed by smoke and splattering oil.
  • 15, Hang Shelvesplate wall 
  • If you crave extra storage, opt to hang shelves that can be styled with trinkets galore. There’s no reason that your favorite kitchen accessories can’t double as art, after all.
  • 16, Think Abstractabstract canvas art 
  • Abstract art goes well with so many decor styles, whether your aesthetic leans moderneclectic, or somewhere in between. This piece stands out in a mostly neutral kitchen.
  • 17, Show Off Your Smallssmall art
  •  Kitchen artwork doesn’t necessarily need to be large to make an impact. If you have a few small pieces that are just begging to be hung up, consider grouping them together to better fill a wall. Don’t worry whether frame shapes or colors differ—the look will be more collected that way. Wall-mounted furniture supply service
  • 18, Combine Colorsbeach artwork 
  • Your kitchen features a few different dominant shades, look for artwork that features both of them. These beachy scenes touch on the copper from the light fixtures as well as the calming blue from the island.
  • 19, Make a Muralgreen arch wall with art 
  • Invite a new hue into your kitchen in the form of a painted arch or geometric mural, then tie things together with artwork that also features that shade. Here, green is a major go!
  • 20, Go Black and Whiteblack and white photos
  • Black and white photographs of your little ones can easily be swapped out as they grow, making this another sweet, affordable art choice.

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